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golf tips for beginners

Best Golf Tips for Beginners

This article will let you find golf tips to improve your swing. We advise you below some exercises; try to put them into practice. Some of them will prove to be very beneficial for your game.  Golf is really an amazing game and if you want to make your shoots perfect then this guide will help you to learn something.

Basketball Ball

Many players tend to break their left knee and let it collapse on the right knee during the backswing. The consequence is disastrous because by doing this, they drag the left shoulder down and their hips swing abnormally. To correct this defect, imagine that by bringing your club backward, your left knee at the same time is moving towards the target you are aiming for. This way, you’ll keep a good stability on both your knees, essential for a good swing. If you cannot do it, try this: put (or imagine) a basketball between your knees and swing. You will be amazed at the result!

The Auto stop position

The grip has a lot of importance in running your golf swing. A good image to keep in mind is the position of the hitchhiker. When performing a backswing, look at your right hand (for the right-handed) backwards when the club is at your waist level; you should see your thumb pointing to the sky.

A break at the top

Running a golf swing too quickly is one of the golfer’s recurring mistakes. If the ball needs to be given power and acceleration, the important thing is to create and maintain a good rhythm. The best way to achieve this is to imagine a brief pause when you are at the top of your backswing (as shown in the photo), before going down. You will better synchronize the movements and improve your tempo … your ball will arrive more often in the middle of the fairway.

A hard knee hard like stone

During the backswing, it is necessary to put weight inside the right foot (for a right-handed person) and to bend the knee slightly. If your weight is poorly distributed, the result will be poor ball contact and loss of power. Imagine that at the club’s rise, your right knee is as solid as a wall. This will allow the upper part of your body to perform an aggressive transfer, giving your ball maximum power.

Beef up!

Golf is not a game of wrists. In order to achieve a good swing, you must use the muscles of your legs and the upper part of your body. The instinct of novice golfers is often to hit the ball only with the arms and wrists. This will certainly make good shots from time to time but if you want to become regular, then you will use the whole body, not just a part. Beef up!

Swing gently in the wind

Too many players think that you have to hit the ball aggressively in the presence of wind. By doing this, they put more effect on the ball that goes out of control. The more the ball takes air, the more it will be influenced by the wind. The solution here is to opt for a low trajectory by placing the ball on the back foot and advancing your hands. In this way, the angle of the club is reduced, and the ball will leave more horizontally. Use a longer club, and tap quietly, without much effort. Remember this saying: “swinger gently in the wind”. Greg Norman himself had it in mind when he won the British Open in 1994.

Strengthen the foundations of your swing

A consistent swing requires a good pace and a good balance. A house needs foundations, just like your swing. Practice hitting the ball with your feet close together, ball size should be about 15cm. This will force you to maintain a good balance and a good rhythm and you will feel the difference when you spread your feet again.

Stop hitting the ball, cross it!

The crossing of the ball is a key element to the performance of a swing both powerful and regular. It is very important to continue the crossing after the ball has been hit. Here is a little exercise that will allow you to master this: put a tee 20cm after the ball and practice to hit the ball, then the tee in stride. You will then make a good crossing.